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SCT offers a 20 year timber warranty on all our barrier system as they have been treated in autoclave to protect against mould, fungus and decay. The warranty comes into effect from the date of the invoice and it is valid unless the integrity of the wood has been compromised by any type of modification that prejudice or damages the effect of the treatment (e.g. further dyeing/ soaking processes) or by an incorrect position of the product. The warranty considers only the subscription of the damage piece, excluding manual labour for the replacement, the transportation and further direct or indirect damages.

Our Systems come with a



WOOD TYPOLOGY: Pressure Treated Pine



The timbers are selected following the diameter and the specification required by the production and then they are successively selected basing upon the different drawings of the barriers, so to obtain the necessary components for its realization.


Before the assembling, the logs have to be kiln dried processed, and successively have an impregnation process with pressure in AUTOCLAVE, as required by the normative DIN68800 using a chromium-less liquid composed by mineral salts melted in water, non toxic for man, animals and living plants/vegetable too.




The wood impregnation process through AUTOCLAVE is realized inside implants called AUTOCLAVE, made by two overlapped cylinders. The one above contains the impregnation liquid and the one below contains the material to be worked.

The wood enter in it through an handling system on roll and after hermetically closing the AUTOCLAVE, it is generated the vacuum air condition that permit the maximum opening of the pores of the wood.

Now, from the upside cylinder the liquid flows in the one below, so that the wood material is completely immersed in the impregnation liquid, and, thanks to a pressure of 11/12 atmosphere, will absorb it in big quantities.

The last part of the operation regards once again the creation of the vacuum air, so to eliminate the exceeding liquid and to fix in the wood the salt component of the fluid.

The impregnation process durability depends to the typology of wood used.

Once the material gets dried and aired, is ready to be used at the open-air, guaranteeing a long lasting and the maximum resistance to the different weather conditions.

The colour of the wood processed after process is likely the musk-green, then, due to the oxidizing property of the air, the wood has some chromatic variations.

Generally, a constant exposition under the sun turns it into a pleasant honey-chestnut tonality.

In any case, the products impregnated could be coloured successively on the surface with the most appropriate tonalities following the design requirements.