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SCT Barriers - The UK & Ireland's No 1 choice. We manufacture, supply & Install Timber Clad Corten Steel Pedestrain Guardrail & Crash Barrier Systems.


Cidneo & Ducos Crash Barrier Systems are only available here, sole distributors for UK & Ireland

Also available with hand & cycle rails.

SCT - The UK's Number 1 Choice for N2, H1 & H2 Crash Rated Timber Barriers - All CE Certified & made from Pressure Treated Pine & Corten Steel - The best Environmentally Friendly Barriers on the Market.

Manufactured using Corten Steel, our beams & posts are not Galvanised!

 For a Natural Looking Barrier Choose SCT 

 SCT UK are sole UK distributors of SCT barrier systems

Environmentally Friendly - 20 year Timber Warranty

 We manufacture, supply & install Timber Clad Crash Barrier Systems that are a totally new concept in crash rated safety barriers developed to offer road protection with the aesthetic look of natural timber. The new concept of using Corten steel and timber provides a unique N2 CE Certified Crash Rated barrier system that looks and feels like it belongs in its natural environment.

Benefits: N2 Crash Rated - Natural Timber Appearance -  Fully Recycleable Materials - Modular System - Optional Handrail - Easy to Install - Environmentally Friendly. Typical Applications: Retail Parks - Picnic Areas - Parks - Preservation Areas - Schools - Colleges - Housing Developments - Country Roads & Highways.

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We strive to find safe and technologically advanced materials that add to, rather than detract from, essential functionality and reliability.

The use of naturally coloured materials is consistent in our product, which makes Timber a raw material par excellence.
It should be our right to rediscover the pleasure of experiencing nature, free from contamination, to continue to achieve harmony, without however giving up the benefits of technology.

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