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Ducos N2 Timber Crash Barrier System - EN 1317-5:2012


Ducos N2 Crash Barriers Systems - EN 1317 - 5:2012

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W4 - Working Width of 1.30m crash tested with small/Medium size vehicle at approx. 63mph.

W6 - Working Width of 2.10m crash tested with 4x4 size vehicle at approx. 70mph.

N2 Crash Rated Barriers with CE Certification.

We supply & Install a N2 Ducos Timber Clad Safety Barrier System that is a totally new concept in crash rated safety barriers developed to offer road protection with the aesthetic look of natural timber. The new concept of using Corten steel and timber provides a unique N2 rated crash barrier system that looks and feels like it belongs in its natural environment. Made from Pressure Treated Pine - 20 year Timber Warranty.

Benefits: N2 CE Certified Crash Rated - Natural Timber Appearance -  Fully Recycleable Materials - Modular System - Optional Handrail - Easy to Install - Environmentally Friendly. Typical Applications: Retail Parks - Picnic Areas - Parks - Preservation Areas - Schools - Colleges - Housing Developments - Country Roads & Highways.




Road Section


Sloping Section


Curved Section



1. Cor-ten Steel Post 100x55x1500mm

2. Wooden post cover Ø 140

3. Bolt12x100 cl. 4.8; post - cover connection

4. Bolt 12x100 cl. 4.8; spacer-post connection

5. Cor-ten steel spacer 510x240x75 mm

6. Cor-ten Steel Blade

7. Bolt 16x30 cl. 8.8; blade-spacer connection

8. Lower wooden pole Ø 140

9. Upper wooden pole Ø 140

10. Bolt 16x90 cl. 8.8; poles-blade connection

11. Steel rope