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Benaco High-Performance Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels


Technical Specification

High-Performance Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panel with Internal Mattress in Thermobinding Polyester.

Composed of:

Box Framce in Solid Pine Wood, treated in autoclave with non-polluting mineral salts for long-term preservation.

Dimensions 80 x 100mm or 60 x 100mm (Design variable depending on the wind load)

Internal mattress in self-binding, non-toxic & totally recyclable polyester, density 30kg/m3, 100mm thickness.

Covering in polyethylene fabric with fine mesh, fixed to the frame towards the noise source.

Chamfered & suitably shaped wooden strips decorate the front side of the panel.

Back panel composed of chamfered, tongued & rabbeted boards in pressure-treated pine wood.